Jim Moray

Photo by Phil Carter

Jim Moray cast Theatre doncaster, Sunday 25th May

Sunday, 25 May saw the conclusion of Doncaster Folk Festival with a special finale concert by Jim Moray and his band. This took place at the new Cast Theatre in the centre of town within the venues more intimate studio theatre space. Jim started off the evening with a solo set, a pleasant surprise as I think most of the audience were expecting Jim to be joined by his band all the way through . This gave the audience the chance to experience both aspects of Jim’s live performances, I know that if they’re anything like me i always enjoy seeing a singer both solo & with a band.
During the first set Moray gave  us 2 new songs from 2 very different projects he has been working on. The Elizabethan sessions is a project similar to the Cecil Sharp Project, imagine eight singer songwriters from the folk world together in a house for a week to write music inspired by the Elizabethans including; Martin Simpson, Nancy Kerr, Bella Hardy, Hannah James, Rachel Newton, Emily Askew & John Smith. If you can’t imagine it, the CD will be released in September. The Second project Jim has been involved in is with Sam Carter & fellow band mate Nick Cooke in a trio called False Light playing mainly traditional material  folk rock style. Jim gave us a great example of one of the songs from False light, performing a version of the traditional song ‘Made of Australia’
After a 20 minute break it was time to rock when Jim came out with his full band featuring Nick Cooke on melodeon, Dave Burbage on drums and Barn Stragling. This second set featured many of Jim’s best known material from all 6 of his albums. ‘Leaving Australia’, ‘Sweet England’ ‘Jenny of the Moor’ and ‘William Taylor’ were all performed with the high energy folk rock style we have come to expect from Jim and he is fantastic band. I think Jim’s music is great for introducing people to folk as it is more accessible to the younger generation & those who are yet to be introduced, with a good balance of traditional & self penned material. I dragged a friend along who isn’t quite yet a converted folky & he thoroughly enjoyed it. The only thing i would have requested from Jim was for him to play ‘All You Pretty Girls’ as its my favourite song & one I know he used to finish with on occasion, however he finished the evening with a beautiful version of ‘Valentine’ with Nick from his previous album ‘Low Culture’.
Look out for Jim at the Lantern Theatre in Sheffield on Friday 6th June. You won’t be disappointed!

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